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2023-2024 Academic Catalog 
2023-2024 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED]

Cardiac Sonography, AAS

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Applying for the DSAE (Cardiac) program at Temple College

1. Officially admitted to Temple College.

2. Students must attend a DSAE Information Session held at Temple College. Dates of the sessions are posted on the Temple College DSAE web page http://www.templejc.edu . Application deadline in October will be announced at the Information Session.

3. Complete the HESI test with a minimum score of 80% in each of the four areas: Reading, Science, Math and English Language Usage. The composite score will be used to award points toward the admission rubric. You may take the HESI test twice during the application year.

4. Furnish all official transcripts from all schools attended including all prerequisite course grades.

  • All official transcripts must be sent directly to the Admissions & Records Office.  A separate copy of your transcript should be sent to the DMS department.
  • The prerequisites must be completed  prior to the start of the DSAE program, with a minimum of a “C” in each course and a collective GPA of 2.5.
  • Students who apply for admission while completing the prerequisite courses may furnish final transcripts after the application process has closed, prior to the start of the DSAE program provided a letter addressing this fact accompanies the application.
  • If you already carry a credential or license, you must be in good standing with your credentialing or licensing body.

5. Admission in the DSAE program is competitive.

      a.  Admission is based on the GPA earned in general education courses that apply to the DSAE curriculum, admission exam score (HESI), healthcare licensure/certification if applicable, and interview results. Courses taken more than 5 years ago will be evaluated along with the HESI results by the Department Chair. Interviews are requested and scheduled by the DSAE Admissions Committee. Those applicants selected for the interview process will be provided with a date and time for the interview. 

    b.  Prerequisite Courses:  MUST be completed with a 2.0 or higher and an overall GPA of 2.5 higher to be eligible for consideration.  Completed within the last 5 years, or subject to approval by DMS Department Chair.  These are:  Math 1314; College PHYS 1401/1407: Composition I ENGL 1301; BIOL 2401-Anatomy & Physiology I. 

    c.  Co-Requisite Courses:  Each of the following MUST be completed with a 2.0 GPA or higher with an overall GPA of 2.5 or higher; BIOL 2402 Anatomy & Physiology II, PSYC 2301 General Psychology, Humanities elective. 

6.  Within 2 weeks of notification of conditional acceptance into the program the student must:

a.  Submit the completed medical examination form verifying good physical and mental health.  Documentation should include the physician notation that the applicant is able to perform the physical requirements of the program: Being able to lift more than 50 pounds routinely, bend and stoop routinely, can distinguish audible sounds, and adequately view sonograms, including color distinctions.

7.  Medical information should include written documentation of a negative TB skin test or x-ray within the previous 3 months, and completion of required immunizations before being allowed to shadow in area hospitals, or clinics, or health care facilities.

Immunizations  (or titer) include TB, Flu, Tetanus, Diphtheria, Pertussis, Mumps, Measles, Rubella, Varicella, and Hepatitis B. Students must have received the complete series of the Hepatitis B vaccine (0,1,6 month schedule) prior to the start of direct patient care.  The Meningitis shot is required for students 21 years or younger.  The TB and flu shots are required annually.  

a.  Students must receive a complete series of the Hepatitis B vaccine prior to the start of direct patient care.

b.  Direct patient care begins when volunteers are admitted into the lab in February.

8.  Provide documentation of a satisfactory criminal background check.

a.  The criminal background check must be completed prior to the student being allowed to shadow in area hospitals or clinics, or health care facilities. (Permission to perform the criminal background history check must be given by the student).

b.  Failure to give permission for criminal background history check will result in dismissal from the program.

c.  Any health care facility associated with Temple College may also require an additional criminal background check.

d.  It will be necessary to dismiss any student in the DSAE program if they are barred from practicing at any health care facility. The student will not be eligible for reinstatement. (Future employment and licensing may be affected by the results of a criminal background history check).

9.  Provide documentation of a negative drug screen.

a.  Drug screenings are performed as a condition of acceptance into the Diagnostic Sonography Echocardiography Program at Temple College, and must be completed prior to the student being allowed to shadow in area hospitals or clinics, or health care facilities. Additional drug screening may be requested at any time by Temple College or a clinical site during enrollment in the DSAE program.

b.  A positive drug screen will result in immediate dismissal from the DSAE program without eligibility for re-admittance.

c.  Failure to give permission will result in rescinding a conditional seat in the program or dismissal from the program without eligibility for reinstatement.

10.  CPR courses will be scheduled during orientation for students once they are conditionally acceptance into the DSAE program. Students will be required to take the Basic Cardiac Life Support for Health Care Providers, (CPR) class together during orientation so that their certification remains in effect throughout the 2 year DSAE program. Cost incurred for CPR, drug screening and background check are the responsibility of the student and is not covered by tuition or Temple College.

11.  A 20 hour shadowing experience will be scheduled through the DSAE office. Shadow session can only be scheduled by the DSAE Chair or designated DSAE department personnel. The shadowing experience must be completed prior to the start of the first semester of the DSAE program.

12.  DSAE students must be available for clinical rotations, all shifts (day, evening and possibly weekend). Clinical rotations may be scheduled within a 50 mile radius.

13.  All DSAE students will be required to purchase professional liability insurance. The liability insurance fee is included in the clinical course fee for DSAE 1361. The liability insurance provides coverage for the student as long as the student is enrolled in the DSAE program.

13.2 Students will need to bring a laptop to class. 

        Minimum requirements:

        a. Windows 7 or higher

        b. Intel core 2 processor

        c. 1.5GB or faster processor

        d. 2GB RAM

        e. 30GB available space

        f. 1 USB port

       g. Screen resolution 1024 x 768

       h. Video card

14.  Additional expenses incurred as part of the program are the responsibility of the student.

Application deadline will be announced at the information session.

All application materials should be completed and sent in a manila envelope to:

Temple College – Diagnostic Medical Sonography

Felix Guzman, DM, DMD, MBA, RDMS, RDCS, RVT, Dept. Chair

Health Science Center

2600 South First Street

Temple, TX 76504

 Requirements for an Associate of Applied Science Degree

 In order to graduate from Temple College and receive the Associate of Applied Science Degree in Adult Echocardiography, the student must meet the following requirements.

1.    Completion of all prerequisites and general education course electives with a minimum of a 2.0 in each course with a collective GPA of 2.5.

      a. Composition I  ENGL 1301  

      b. College Algebra MATH 1314 

         i. Will accept Statistics or higher level mathematics course.

      c. College Physics  PHYS 1401 or PHYS 1407 

      d. Anatomy and Physiology I BIOL 2401 

2.    Sixty-five semester hours of course credit, exclusive of the developmental courses. Each course must be completed with a C grade or better. Included in the 65 semester hours of course work are the 41 hours of DSAE Core courses. Each DSAE core course must be completed in the required sequence with a C grade or better.




Summer II Semester


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