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2018-2019 Academic Catalog 
2018-2019 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED]

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CHEM 1405 - Introductory Chemistry I

4 credit hours. 3 lecture hours. 3 lab hours.

Survey course introducing chemistry. Topics may include inorganic, organic, biochemistry, food/physiological chemistry, and environmental/consumer chemistry. Designed for non-science and allied health students. It also serves as a basic introductory course for students not majoring in science who wish to investigate some of the fundamentals of chemistry while meeting a physical science degree requirement. It covers the metric system, fundamental laws and theories, the structure of matter, formula and equation writing, periodic classification, gas laws, acid, bases, salts and solutions. Includes a laboratory portion related to the lecture material. The student should consult with an advisor relative to the use of this course in a degree sequence.

Additional Fees: Lab Fee $24

Measurable Learning Outcomes:
Upon successful completion of this course, students will: Classify matter, compounds, and chemical reactions. Determine the basic nuclear and electronic structure of atoms. Solve stoichiometric problems. Use the gas laws and basics of the Kinetic Molecular Theory to solve gas problems. Convert units of measure and demonstrate dimensional analysis skills. Use basic apparatus and apply experimental methodologies used in the chemistry laboratory. Demonstrate safe and proper handling of laboratory equipment and chemicals. Conduct basic laboratory experiments with proper laboratory techniques

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