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2018-2019 Academic Catalog 
2018-2019 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED]


GLENDA BARRON President 2008-2018
K. LOUISE BARTEK Nursing 1988-2001
JOHN BICKNELL Cameron Center Director/Psychology 1978-2014
ROSE ANNE BRASHER Director of Library Services 1956-1995
TALMA BOTTS Division Director, Business and Career Professionals 1979-2015
LEIGH BOYD Division Director, Liberal Arts 1988-2005
KATIE BURROWS Department Chair, Bio-Technology 2005-2011
ESTHERBELL CAESAR English 1972-2001
WELDON G. CANNON History 1967-1991
HENRY CASTILLO English 1976-2013
PATRICK CLUNE Computer Information Systems 2002-2006 2013-2017
GLADYS COBB Nursing 1996-2001
CARLYE WEBER CONLIN Business 2001-2011
A. D. COURTNEY Medical Record Technology 1973-1986
SANDRA CREECH Government 2007-2018
WAYNE CRISWELL Vice President, Administrative Services 1993-2010
KATE DARNELL Dental Hygiene 2006-2015
MARY FAIRLIE Music 2001-2018
TOM FAIRLIE Division Director, Fine Arts 1990-2016
MARY D. FARRELL History 1966-1986
MARVIN FELDER President 1973-1995
STEWART FULTON Mathematics 1989-2015
JERRY GARRETT Computer Information Systems 1995-2015
JAMES GRANGER Physics 1999-2009
ANNETTA GRIFFIN Chemistry 1964-1991
GWEN HAUK Vice President of Educational Services 1970-2004
PRISCILLA HEARD Music 1974-1988
TERESA HEEMSBERGEN Nursing 2008-2011
LARRY HENNIG Phed/Softball Coach 1998-2010
BILL HERMON Business and Management 1968-2001
RALPH HICKS Biology 2004-2017
MELVA HOBBS Business Administration 1967-1996
SUSAN HOWE Director, College Communications 1976-2010
PAM JACKSON Criminal Justice 2007-2016
RICHARD KING Tennis Coach 1992-2014
TAWNY LAMB Computer Information Systems 2000-2013
RONALD RAY LANFORD Director, Distance Education 1986-2006
VIRGINIA LEAK Nursing 1980-2007
CAROL JEAN LEWIS Business Administration 1979-1992
BENJAMIN LILES Biology 1994-2004
KENT MACDOUGALL Mathematics 1975-2008
ANDREA MADDUX Dental Hygiene 2006-2018
NORMA MAEDGEN Dental Hygiene 1996-2011
BOBBIE MARSHALL Sociology 1970-1994
CYNTHIA MARTINEZ Department Chair, Mathematics 1996-2017
WILLIAM MATUSH Director of Student Union 1968-1988
JOHN MEHARG Economics 1964-1996
SANDRA MILLER Speech and Theatre 1999-2014
MARLIN MOSLEY Business 1999-2007
MARC A NIGLIAZZO President 1995-2008
ANNE P. NEWTON Biology 1947-1994
LEE OGBURN-RUSSELL Associate Vice President, Health Professions 2007-2015
WALT PAUL Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs 1974-1996
CAROL REINKING Surgical Technology 1983-2008
DIANE RING Department Chair, Dental Hygiene 2010-2015
KAREN ROBINSON Department Chair, Associate Degree Nursing 1984-2015
ROBERT SCHLIEKER Chemistry 1969-2001
KAY SCHLIEPER Computer Information Systems 1980-2000
DANNY J. SCOTT. Health and Physical Education 1965-1996
JANICE SHANAHAN Nursing 1987-1992
PAT SIMPSON Biology 1969-2000
PATRICIA SMITH Director, Workforce Development 1978-2005
SHIRLEY SOMMER Business Administration 1968-1996
AMY SMITH Art 1985-2007
SARAH NELL SUMMERS Music 1983-2007
HAL WARD Division Director, Business and Management 1977-2009
FRANK WARREN Manufacturing Technology 1977-1998
GLENN WEBSTER Radio and TV 1967-1991
MICHAEL WHITE History 1982-2011
WILLIAM WILLIS Physical Education 1978-2004
JAMES WININGER Respiratory Care 1979-2007