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2021-2022 Academic Catalog 
2021-2022 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED]

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GEOL 1302 - Earth Sciences for Non-Science Majors II

3 credit hours. 3 lecture hours. 0 lab hours.
Prerequisites: GEOL 1301 GEOL 1303  , or  GEOL 1403  

Extension of the study of geology, astronomy, meteorology and oceanography, focusing on natural resources, hazards and climate variability.

Additional Fees: $86.59 Online textbook and access code

Measurable Learning Outcomes:
Identify the influence of geologic and hydrologic processes on Earth’s surface.
Describe the causes and effects of tectonic, meteorological, oceanographic, and astronomical hazards.
Relate climate change to changes in tectonic configurations, astronomical relationships and atmospheric composition.
Discuss potential effects of climate variability on Earth systems, including biological systems.
Recognize how scientific models represent an abstraction of complex systems, such as ocean circulation and climate variability.
Describe natural resources used by humans and their occurrence and extraction.
Discuss the effects of renewable and nonrenewable resource development and sustainability.
Recommended Co-req: GEOL 1102  Earth Science for Non-Majors II (lab)

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