Jan 21, 2022  
2021-2022 Student Handbook 
2021-2022 Student Handbook


Temple College Circle of Support: Removing Barriers to Student Success

The Circle of Support program is a partnership between Temple College and the Temple community to make sure no students drop out of college because of barriers such as emergency expenses, childcare, transportation, housing and food.  Students who need referrals for assistance with non-academic issues can stop by the Circle of Support Resource Center in Room 803 of the Arnold Student Union, or they can contact the Temple College Social Worker at 243-298-8767 or email her at Dayjene.lum@templejc.edu.  Students can access the online form for assistance at http://www.templejc.edu/resources/circle-of-support/


Mental Health Counseling

Counseling services are available to all Temple College students.  Services offered include stress management, test anxiety, depression, anxiety, mental wellness/self-care.  Please access http://www.templejc.edu/resources/mental-health-counseling/ and complete the form to schedule an appointment.


Student Access to Temple College Online Systems

Temple College students have access to campus computers, Microsoft Office 365, Library Databases, TConnect: Student Information Portal, and D2L (Desire2Learn).  Please contact the Help Desk if you need assistance connecting to these online systems at helpdesk@templejc.edu or 254-298-8450.


Temple College Career Coach

Temple College has an online service that helps students to discover majors and in-demand careers and education based on your interests.  You can take the career assessment, browse careers, browse programs, search for jobs, and access the resume builder.  Career coach can be found at https://templejc.emsicc.com/