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2019-2020 Student Handbook 
2019-2020 Student Handbook [ARCHIVED]

Safety and Emergency Information

Campus Police

The Campus Police offices are located behind the University Apartment Complex. To contact the Campus Police by phone, dial (254) 298-8911. Officers are on duty or on-call 24/7.

Leopard Alert Emergency Notification System

Leopard Alert is an emergency notification system that allows Temple College to quickly communicate health and safety-related emergency information through text message, voice message, or email. To sign up for Leopard Alert please go to

Emergency Plan

It is the policy of Temple College that all crime and other emergencies be immediately reported to the Campus Police. In the case of crime, fire, or medical emergency, contact the police, fire department, or medical assistance directly by dialing “911.” A call to any administrator or the switchboard operator who contacts the Campus Police office will constitute notification to the administration. An administrator who knows of any incident of crime, accident, or emergency is to make sure the information gets to the Campus Police office.

During the times when classes are in session and on Fridays, the buildings are open with classrooms and commons areas being unlocked. Certain offices, labs, etc. are unlocked only during the time they are occupied. When the buildings are closed, a Campus Police Officer will patrol the campus, check to assure doors are locked and keep unauthorized persons off the campus. Adequate security is provided at athletic events.

The campus police have the authority to confront, identify, retain, and control the actions of persons on the campus whom they feel might be in violation of the law or campus regulation. The relationship and cooperation between the Campus Police Office and the Temple Police Department is excellent.

Temple College uses various means to inform students and employees about campus security procedures and practices and encourages students and employees to be responsible for their own security and the security of others. Information is disseminated through the Personnel Handbook, the Student Handbook, as well as the Family and Student Orientation and Information Session.

Presence in Unauthorized Areas

At times, parts of the College campus become “off limits” to students. When offices are closed or buildings are locked, no attempt should be made to enter such premises.

Surveillance Camera Use

Temple College is committed to enhancing the quality of life of the campus community by integrating the best practices of safety and security with technology. A critical component of a comprehensive safety and security plan is the utilization of video surveillance cameras. The surveillance of public areas is intended to deter crime and assist in protecting the safety and property at Temple College. To ensure the safety and security of employees, learners, and visitors to our campus and centers, Temple College has determined that the use of video surveillance cameras is necessary. These video surveillance cameras are not a guarantee of safety, but such use is designed to help improve safety and security by deterring acts of theft, violence, and other criminal activity, and increasing the likelihood that perpetrators of these acts will be identified.

Unattended Children and Children on Campus

Temple College strives to provide an environment most conducive to teaching and learning for all enrolled students. For reasons of security and child welfare, the institution will not permit unattended children to be left anywhere on the premises. Minor children are not allowed in classrooms, laboratories, or other facilities of the college unless they are taking part in approved activities or are enrolled in classes. Children under the age of 17, who are not taking part in approved activities nor enrolled in classes, should not be brought to the institution unless closely supervised by their parent/legal guardian.

Lost & Found 

Any item found on or near Temple College property should be turned into the Campus Police. The Campus Police office is located in the Campus Police Department located behind the University Apartment Complex.

Students attempting to claim a lost item will be expected to provide a reasonably accurate description to assure that the rightful owner receives the property.

Selling and Solicitation

The selling of goods or services, taking orders for goods or services, or soliciting funds for any purpose is prohibited on campus unless proper authorization has been secured from the Vice President, Administrative Services.

Title IX - Sexual Violence and Sexual Assault

Sexual violence and sexual assault will not be tolerated at Temple College. Temple College has a Title IX Sexual Violence and Sexual Assault webpage that informs faculty, staff, and students about the prohibition of sexual misconduct, identifies the campus Title IX Coordinator, provides a link to the Title IX Sexual Violence and Sexual Assault policy, and provides community resources information for local agencies that can assist a victim of sexual assault. The link to this webpage can be found at: