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2017-2018 Academic Catalog 
2017-2018 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED]

LVN-Bridging Advanced Placement Track, AAS

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This program prepares the Licensed Vocational Nurse to make the transition into the professional nursing role. Upon completion of this program, graduates receive an Associate of Applied Science degree and are qualified to apply for the state licensing examination for registered nursing. 

The ADN program is fully approved by the Texas Board of Nursing, www.bon.state.tx.us, and accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing, 404-975-5000, 3343 Peachtree Road NE, Suite 500, Atlanta, GA 33026.

Admission to the LVN-Bridging Advanced Placement Track

Students desiring admission to the LVN-Bridging Advanced Placement Track must:

1.         Complete the Temple College admission process.  All college requirements must be met including TSI requirements.

2.         Complete the following prerequisite courses: BIOL 2401 , BIOL 2402 , ENGL 1301 , PSYC 2301 , VNSG 1160  and VNSG 1423 , VNSG 1231 , VNSG 1509 .  These courses must be completed by the end of the Fall semester before applying.  The VNSG courses will be equated to basic clinical, adult health, pharmacology, and skills/fundamentals type courses that the applicant completed in their Vocational Nursing program.

3.         Take the Admission Test.  The test will be given at the TC Student Success Center in a specific time period.  The prerequisite courses must be completed or in progress.  To sign up for the Nursing Admission Test, you must:  

             A.  Pay the test fee in the Cashier’s office, One College Centre.  Only cash, credit cards, or money orders will be accepted for payment. 

            B.  Take the receipt to the Testing Center, Student Success Center when you are ready to take the test.  Their phone number is 254-298-8586; verify testing times prior to arriving.

             A study guide can be purchased in the Temple College Bookstore, Arnold Student Center.  Tutoring for the admission test is available at the Educational Assistance Center 254-298-8620.  At TC, you may only take the test once per admission process.

 4.        Complete the ADN application process by the deadline date.  This requires proof of: 

                          A.  Graduation from a Vocational Nursing Program

                          B.  A valid Texas VN license in good standing (no current disciplinary actions or stipulations, no compact only license);

             C. A grade of “C” or better in all VN courses and any course that applies toward the ADN degree;

             D. Nursing practice experience of six months full time or one year part time within the last two years, if the applicant graduated more than two years before admission (part time is defined as a minimum of 800 hours per year; a letter from the employer(s) will be required to verify work experience).

           Complete the ADN application process by the deadline.  The application and specific instructions for applying are found on the ADN Web page.

            Applications will not be processed if any of the stated admission requirements are missing or incomplete.

           5.         Applicants will be notified by email of whether or not they were conditionally accepted into the program.  If conditionally accepted into the program, the following must be completed: 

  • An acknowledgment that you are able to meet the Core Performance Standards for nursing will be required.  These standards are available on the nursing website.
  • A satisfactory drug screen is required (specific instructions will be given).
  • Required immunizastions:  2 injections Measles, 1 injection Mumps, 1 injection Rubella, 2 injections Varicela, 3 injections Hepatitis B, OR positive titers for any of the preceding immunizations.  also required are Tetanus (valid for 10 years), documentation of current negative TB skin test or chest x-ray (valid for 1 year), flu vaccine is required annually when it becomes                        available.                                         

  A satisfactory background check (specific instructions will be given). The Texas Board of Nursing will conduct a background check.  The student must be cleared before being allowed to register for and attend nursing courses.  Any healthcare facility associated with Temple College may also require background checks.  Permission to perform the background check must be given by the student.   Failure to give permission will result in dismissal from the program.  It may be necessary to dismiss students from a program if they are barred from practicing at any healthcare facility.    

The ADN student/graduate is held to the registered nurse standards set by the Texas Board of Nursing. 

Written documentation of successful completion of an American Heart Association CPR course designed for health care providers (e.g., Basic Cardiac Life Support for Health Care Providers).  No student will be permitted in the clinical setting without current documentation on file (must remain current throughout the ADN program). All courses must include a hands-on skills portion.    

Students seeking admission to the LVN-Bridging Advanced Placement Track are admitted on the basis of the following criteria, with maximum points totals awarded as indicated.   




# of Co-Reqs Completed

TC VN Grad or Service Area Resident


























*Any one nursing course failure within the last years in an RN or VN program will result in a deduction of an admission point.  If there is a nursing course failure in any program during the three years prior to admission, the applicant will receive one admission only to the Temple College ADN Program.  The applicant is ineligible for admission/readmission if there are two or more nursing course failures in any program during the three years prior to admission. 

Admission to the LVN-Bridging Advanced Placement Track is determined during the early spring for the summer semester.  In case of competitive admissions, requirements above the minimum will be necessary.  Admission to Temple College does not constitute automatic acceptance into the nursing program.  In the event the application is not accepted for admission to the nursing program, the applicant may request a review by the ADN Director.

Policies on promotion, readmission, and transfer apply to both LVN-Bridging and 2 year ADN students.

(Must be a Licensed Vocational Nurse)


 A health-related work-based learning experience that enables the student to apply specialized occupational theory, skills, and concepts.  Direct supervision is provided by the clinical professional.

Total Hours: 26

Total Hours: 6

Total Hours: 3

Total Hours: 13

Spring Semester

Total Hours: 12

Grand Total Hours: 60

+Comprehensive, end of program Exam – All candidates for graduation will be required to complete the comprehensive, end of program examination requirements prior to graduation from the Associate Degree Nursing Program

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