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2016-2017 Academic Catalog 
2016-2017 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED]

Student Success

The Student Success Division is available to help students who are not qualified to take college credit classes prepare for college level work. In addition, the Student Success Division offers GED and ESL classes as well as several academic support services for students taking credit and non-credit classes. The services outlined below are offered through the Student Success Division and are free to Temple College learners.

Developmental Course Offerings

The Developmental Program’s mission is to help students make a successful transition from developmental English, Mathematics, Reading and Study Skills courses to credit courses by requiring skills assessment in which students demonstrate appropriate skills for each level of developmental classes before transitioning to core courses. Students who have not met the minimum requirements for enrolling in college credit courses, as specified by the Texas Success Initiative (TSI), may be required to take developmental courses. The Temple College TSI Plan states that students who do not meet the minimum standards set for the test must, during their next semester, enroll in and remain continuously enrolled in a college-prep course until the program is completed. The program is completed for a section when a student either successfully completes the last course in the TSI sequence or meets the minimum standard set for the assessment test.

The first time a learner drops or is dropped from their only developmental class within a given term, they must meet with an academic advisor and must enroll in at least one developmental course, but no more than four courses (12 hours maximum), in their following semester.

The second time a learner drops or is dropped from all developmental classes within a given term, they will be assigned to a student success coach and permitted to enroll in only three courses, including at least one developmental course.

The third time a learner drops or is dropped from all developmental classes within a given term, they will be permitted to enroll in only developmental courses, in their following semester. During this time, the learner will only be permitted to enroll into developmental courses until the learner is TSI met in subject area. A student success coach will monitor progress.

Educational Assistance Center (EAC)

The Educational Assistance Center offers a self-paced, individualized program that addresses the academic needs of students entering college. The Center provides evaluation of college readiness and a variety of instructional options in order to address the different learning styles of students. Instructors and tutors are available to assist students and prospective students in helping to improve basic reading, math, writing and study skills needed to do college level work. Preparation for college placement testing, allied health and nursing entrance testing also is provided. Services and adaptive technology are available to assist students with specific learning or physical disabilities.

Adult Education and Literacy (AEL) and GED Preparation

The mission of the Adult Education and Literacy and the GED Preparation Program is to prepare students with the knowledge and skills to successfully take the GED exam. Students will receive skills in communication, information processing, critical thinking and reading, and problem solving. Emphasis also is placed on students entering the workplace or continuing in higher education. For more information regarding these services, call 254-298-8620 or email

English Language Acquisition (ELA) for Adults

English Language Acquisition (ELA) for Adults is a program where adults learning English as a second language can improve their English communication skills with help from instructors and community volunteers. Classes focus on different language skills depending on the student’s English abilities, interests, and needs. The ELA program focuses on conversational English, grammar, reading, listening, comprehension, writing and vocabulary. ELA students enjoy small class sizes and a personalized approach to learning. This program is not only an opportunity for language learning, but also for cultural exchange and understanding. For more information regarding these services please call: 254-298-8620 or email

Math Tutorial Center

The Temple College Math Tutorial Center is dedicated to providing math assistance to students in developmental and credit mathematics courses. The Math Tutorial Center is located in Room 107 of the Instructional Services Center. Check with center directors for available tutoring at the Taylor and Hutto locations.

Writing Center

The Temple College Writing Center is dedicated to providing advice and resources at every stage of the writing process. The goal of the Writing Center is to engage the campus community in conversations about writing; to that end, the Center provides face-to-face consultations and workshops for writers in all disciplines. Beginning with writers’ needs and concerns, the staff of the Center uses their knowledge and expertise to enhance writers’ understanding of a variety of issues, such as purpose, audience, style and conventions. The Writing Center is located in the Instructional Services Center, Room 101.

Community Services

Community service agencies work in coordination with Student Enrollment Services offering assistance to qualified students. The following agencies provide tuition assistance, disabilities accommodations, and other services necessary for success of special populations.

Vocational Rehabilitation

The Department of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services (DARS) offers assistance for tuition and non-refundable fees to students who have certain disabling conditions, provided their vocational objectives have been approved by a DARS Counselor. Examples of such conditions are orthopedic disabilities, emotional disorders, diabetes, epilepsy, heart conditions, etc. Other services also are available to assist the disabled student to become employable. Applications for such services should be made at: Department of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services, 4501 South General Bruce Drive, Suite 35, Temple, Texas, 76502. The Temple office number is (254) 773-1674.

Workforce Investment Act (WIA)

The Workforce Investment Act consolidates and coordinates employment training, literacy, and vocational rehabilitation programs. Through the local Workforce Center, WIA supports workforce investment activities that increase employment, job retention, earnings, and occupational skills of the workforce. If you are interested in learning more about services available under the Workforce Investment Act, contact your nearest Central Texas Workforce Center for additional information. The Temple office number is (254) 771-2555.