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2014-2015 Academic Catalog 
2014-2015 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED]

Advising Services

Academic Advising

Our mission is to create a relationship of shared responsibilities between staff, faculty and students through integration of social, educational and career plans. Students are empowered to take charge of their education through realistic self evaluation. Academic advising services are available to help students make decisions and to promote their success and well-being. Services include career counseling, educational planning, transfer advising, and preliminary degree audits. Educational planning includes assisting students in deciding on a college major and providing course scheduling advice. Referral services for personal counseling also are available.

Advisors provide information on Texas Success Initiative requirements and advise students on appropriate options. Advisors use a variety of tools to locate information on majors and careers, including reference materials and the Internet.

Students who plan to transfer to a senior college or university to complete a bachelor’s degree will work in collaboration with advisors to determine the steps necessary for transfer.

College Open House

The Student Enrollment Services Division sponsors an open house each summer for prospective students and their families.

Self-Help Materials

A variety of college catalogs, pamphlets, brochures, and handouts are available for students in the Advising Center.


Because advising and counseling are personal matters, the Advising office maintains confidentiality to the limits provided by the Family Education Rights Privacy Act (FERPA).


There is no cost to the student for academic advising services. Staff members will consult with and develop specific programs or presentations for faculty, campus organizations, and the campus community free of charge.

Student Responsibility in the Advising Process

Students must assume primary responsibility for educational planning, course scheduling, and the successful completion of graduation requirements.

STUDENTS SHOULD KNOW: Their class schedule, the NAMES of instructors and how to contact them, how to access Temple College email, how to access on campus and online tutoring, how to calculate a GPA, and how to maintain their own college file containing a degree plan and educational goals.

During a meeting with an advisor a student should bring:

  1. Tentative schedule including alternate class choices.
  2. Current class schedule.
  3. If planning to transfer, the CURRENT CATALOG of the transfer college or DEGREE PLAN sought.
  4. Copies of college transcripts from all schools previously attended.

Students with Disabilities

In accordance with the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and the regulations published by the United States Department of Justice 28 C.F.R. 35.107(a), Temple College’s designated ADA coordinators shall be responsible for coordinating the college’s efforts to comply with and carry out its responsibilities under the ADA. 

ADA Coordinators:
Title I – Employment – Director of Human Resources – 254-298-8582
Title II – Education – Coordinator of Student Accommodation – 254-298-8335
Title III – Facilities – Director of Maintenance – 254-298-8692
The Office of Student Accommodations (OSA) provides individualized assistance to students with documented disabilities. Temple College requests that eligible students apply for services with the Office of Student Accommodations located in One College Centre. Following qualification for services, students are encouraged to meet with the OSA coordinator each semester to discuss accommodation needs. Students, who have qualified for accommodation services, are urged to request accommodations through the OSA at least three weeks before the start of the semester so that the accommodations can be in place for the first day of classes. For more detailed information visit the TC website at