Aug 12, 2020  
2014-2015 Academic Catalog 
2014-2015 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED]


Board of Trustees 

Stephen H. Niemeier - 2014 - Chair
Andrejs Avots-Avotins, M.D. - 2016 – Vice-Chair
Katie Burrows – 2018 - Secretary
Lydia Santibanez - 2014
Larry J. Wilkerson - 2014
J. Harry Adams – 2016

Bob Browder - 2016

John Bailey - 2018
Michael W. Thompson - 2018


Glenda O. Barron President
Van Miller  Vice President, Administrative Services and Chief Financial Officer
Mark A. Smith Vice President of Educational Services and Chief Academic Officer
Randy Baca Associate Vice President of Resource Management
Gary Jackson Associate Vice President of Finance, Information and Technology Services, Chief Information Officer
Lee Ogburn-Russell Associate Vice President for Health Professions
Dan Spencer Associate Vice President of Academic Outreach and Extended Programs
Jimmy Roberts Associate Vice President of Community Initiatives and Special Programs

Division Directors

Talma Botts Business and Career Professions
Gracie Conner Business and Continuing Education
Brian St. Amour eLearning
Thomas Fairlie Fine Arts
Lee Ogburn-Russell Health Professions
Kathy Fulton Learning Resources
Susan Guzmán-Treviño Liberal Arts
Paul Foutz Mathematics, Science, and Physical Education
Skeet Powell Facilities, Construction/Facilities Planning
Carey Rose Student and Enrollment Services
Paula Talley Student Success Division  

 Center Directors

Robbin Ray EWCHEC - Hutto, Center Director

Department Chairs

Biology Jason Locklin 298-8409
Biotechnology David Sprague 298-8638
Business, Management, Office Occupations Robb Cabaniss 298-8635
Chemistry, Physics, Geology, Physical Science, Engineering Sharon Hoffman 298-8407
Child Development/Education Gail Cox 298-8624
Communications John Stevens 298-8399
Computer Information Systems/Computer-Aided Design/Geographic Information Systems Talma Botts 298-8465
Criminal Justice Lesley Keeling-Olson 298-8634
Developmental Math Shelly Buuck 298-8397
Developmental Reading, English, Study Skills, Integrated Reading/Writing Deborah Gilmore 298-8594
Dental Hygiene Diane Ring 298-8564
Diagnostic Medical Sonography Felix Guzman 298-8695
Emergency Medical Services Jeff Fritz 298-8563
Mathematics Cynthia Martinez 298-8356
Nursing, ADN Karen Robinson 298-8673
Nursing, LVN Gregory Bond 298-8665
Performing Arts Colin Mason 298-8555
Health and Physical Education Pamela Lee 298-8521
Respiratory Care William Cornelius III 298-8928
Social and Behavioral Sciences Joanna Scott 298-8384
Surgical Technology Nancy Whitmire 298-8650
Visual Arts Michael Donahue 298-8570